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5 Beautiful Hotel And Resort Spas In
Europe With Unforgettable Views

5 Beautiful Hotel And Resort Spas In
Europe With Unforgettable Views


The weeks leading up to a vacation can be stressful, what with flights and
hotels to book, dinners to reserve, and excursions to plan—plus, everything
needs to be in order back home or in the office before you can jet off with true
peace of mind. So while it can be tempting to pack every minute full of
activities, it’s worth leaving one day of your trip to truly relax, and perhaps
treat yourself to a spa day.
But what better way to relax and sight-see at the same time than visiting a
hotel spa that’s got breathtaking views of its surroundings? While quality
treatments and high-end products are essential for spa day magic, some of the
best hotel spas also employ a strong sense of place—whether perched atop a
mountain or set on a beach—to fully immerse guests in the moment.
Those traveling to Europe, particularly those picturesque destinations in the
Alps, are sure to find world-class spas and health facilities with stunning
landscapes and scenery. While Asia’s got rainforests and beaches aplenty,
European resorts surely compete with snow-capped mountain ranges and
placid lakes that can set the mood for your massage, facial, or wellness
From Italy to Switzerland, these five European hotel spas offer natural beauty
that’s just as transformative as anything on the treatment menu.
The first destination spa hotel in France’s Champagne region, this gorgeous
property overlooks the vineyards supplying legendary sparkling wine house
Moët & Chandon. The hotel reopened in 2018 after four years of renovation,
offering spa treatments, swimming pools, and ample terrace space to soak up
sun and relax.

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